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What are cookies

Cookies are small text files that are inserted in the user’s device when he visits a website. For each following visit cookies are sent again to the website that has originated them (first parties’ cookies) or to another site that acknowledges them (third parties’ cookies). They have different aims, i.e. enable to efficiently surf throughout the pages, acknowledge the favorite sites and (in general) improve the navigation experience. Some cookies contribute providing commercial contents for the user on the basis of his interests. On the basis of the function or subject that has originated them, cookies can be provided as technical cookies, analytical coolies, profiling cookies, first parties’ cookies or third parties’ cookies.

We remind you that the browser is the software enabling the navigation throughout the network through visualization and transfer of information on the user’s hard drive. If the preferences of the browser are set in a way that can accept cookies, every web site can provide its own cookies to the browser, indeed – in order to protect your privacy – it can detect only and exclusively the ones that are sent from the same or affiliate websites, and not the ones sent by the browsers or other sites.   

In any case cookies cannot cause damages to your computer.

The data that can eventually be taken from reading cookies are mainly connected to the used device (as navigation data) 

The use of cookies is compliant with the following features:


The privacy of users is essentially guaranteed by the fact that they can IN ANY MOMENT:

> configure the browser in a way to accept all cookies, refuse all cookies or receive a notification in the moment in which one of those is sent,

> erase one, some of them, or all of them.

Every browser has its specific settings, so you need to check the “help” section of your browser to have more information about how to modify preferences. 

The majority of browsers is initially set to automatically accept cookies. In case of different devices (i.e. computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.), the user has to be sure that the browser settings of each device are configured in such a way to reflect his own preferences according to cookies.
As an example we report here some of the online documentation links of the main browsers:

Internet Explorer:
Mozilla Firefox
Google Chrome
Apple Safari


Our Web Site uses also cookies or other archive mechanisms on mobile devices.

Just like with browsers on computers, browsers on mobile devices allow you to change your privacy configuration or settings to disable or delete cookies. 

If you want to change your privacy setting, please follow the instruction provided by the browser developer for your mobile device

The following links are valid for some browsers:

Chrome Mobile
Opera Mobile
Windows Phone


During the navigation on our website, the user could receive also cookies of websites or web servers also of third parties on its terminal (the so called “third parties” cookie di “terze parti”): this happens because on our website there can be elements such as, i.e. images, maps, sounds specific links to other webpages that are on other domains and on other services than the required page. In other words such cookies are set directly by website managers or servers that are different from the Website. These third parties could in theory set cookies while you use the services provided by them and obtain information related to the fact that you have visited the website. Here you will find more information on the use of cookies. If the user decides not to agree on archiving third parties’ cookies, he will be able to use exclusively the website functions, that don’t require such cookies archiving. 

For more information, visit the following website:


The present website uses Google Analytics, a web analysis service by Google Inc. for generating statistics on the use of the web portal.

Google Analytics uses “cookies” that are stored in your computer in order to analyze the use of the site according to the users. The here generated information by the cookie on the use of the website (IP address included) are sent by the browser to the Google Headquarters 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, US and stored by its servers. 

Google Analytics raccoglie le informazioni in modo anonimo senza identificare i singoli visitatori. I browser non condividono i cookie proprietari dello strumento Google Analytics tra vari domini. Google Analytics non segnala informazioni relative agli effettivi indirizzi: Google Analytics comunica informazioni in modo che venga utilizzata solo una parte dell’indirizzo IP per la geolocalizzazione, anziché l’indirizzo intero, utilizzando un metodo noto come masking IP. 

Google Analytics collects information in anonymous way without identifying the single visitors. The browsers do not share cookies of the Google Analytics tool within the various domains. Google Analytics does not provide any information according to the effective address: Google Analytics communicates information just to use one part of the IP address for the glocalization instead of the entire address, by using a well-known method, as IP masking.

Google will use this data with the aim to trace and examine the website use, compile reports on the website activities and provide other services to the owner according to the website, to the connection and research modes (mobile, pc, used browser etc.) and to the joining of the portal pages. Google can also transfer this data to third parties when this is required by law or when such third parties treat such information on behalf of Google. Google will not associate your IP address to any other data owned by Google.

See also:

– “terms and service” 

– The company privacy information Google 

– le norme sulla privacy di Google 




Here we would like to provide a list of cookies according to two macro-categories:

> “TECHNICAL” or functionality cookies: Technical cookies are the ones used just with the aim of “transmitting a communication on an electronic communication network or in the necessary measure to a communication service provider on an electronic communication network or in the strictly necessary measure for the service provider of an information society where the user has explicitly required to provide that service” ( art. 122, paragraph 1, of the Italian Civil Code). They are not used for other purposes. They can be divided into navigation cookies or session cookies that guarantee the normal navigation and web site fruition (enabling, for instance, a purchase or an authentication to access to reserved areas); cookie analytics, such as technical cookies used directly by the site manager to collect information in an aggregated form on the number of users and on the way they visit the website; functionality cookies that enable the navigation to the user according to a series of criteria that he has selected (i.e., language, selected products for purchase) in order to improve the service provided by him. For such cookies’ installation the previous consent of users is not required;

> PROFILING COOKIES: Profiling cookie create profiles related to users and are used in order to send commercial messages according to the preferences inside the domain of internet navigation

“TECHNICAL” COOKIES analytics and functionality cookies
Cookie nameTIME ON THE USER’S TERMINALWhat is it for?SOURCE 
(For third parties’ cookies)
__ga,2 years,Google Analytics TRACING COOKIES used to understand if the user has accessed the site beforehand. No personal information contained Google Adwords [*]
__gat10 MinutesCookie by Google Analytics used to obtain an overview of the site’s visitors
nome cookieTIME ON THE USER’S TERMINALWhat is it for?SOURCE 
(For third parties’ cookies)
__ga,2 years,Google Analytics TRACING COOKIES used to understand if the user has accessed the site beforehand. No personal information contained Google Adwords [*]
__gat10 minutesCookie by Google Analytics used to obtain an overview of the site’s visitors
__gid24 hoursStudying and improving commercials in order to send messages to the user according with his own interests